Saturday, 13 July 2013

This rant is rated PG-13

The beach should be rated PG 13, sometimes R.

Today I went to the beach. By myself cuz I'm cool like that. No seriously, I WANTED to go to the beach by myself. It was actually a really good day. I read, swam, ate, and got a sunburn from the fires of you-know-where itself.
Did I feel silly because I was wearing a modest one piece bathing suit? No. I did not. I felt decidedly comfortable. I'm not fat. I don't have stretch marks. I'm not really even overly self-conscious about my body. But do I feel the need to show it off to the whole world? Not particularly.

I am not a woman who wears a bikini, and I am most definitely not a man, but in my head, this is the way they think.

Woman: *puts on bikini* This looks cute. I like the pattern/colour/design. Tan lines will be minimal. I think I'll wear this today.

Man: *sees woman in bikini* I love when women wear their underwear in public.

Am I wrong?

As a girl seeking to honour God with my life, it follows that I want to honour the Christian guys around me by not dressing provocatively. Not only that, I want to respect the temple God has given me by not making it an object of lust to any man.

Plus SERIOUSLY girls, take it from a sister, unless you go to the gym every day and don't eat carbs, bikinis are not really all that attractive. Sorry, truth hurts.

I've been shopping for modest bathing suits since I was little. The things I've learned are...

1) Be willing to pay the price. It will last a long time if you don't wear it in chlorine.
2 )Always be on the lookout! I check out the bathing suit collection in almost every store I enter, because nice one-pieces are hard to find.
3) Don't buy it if it doesn't fit. I've bought a couple that weren't quite right thinking I could alter them but it really isn't the same. Wait to find a good one.
4) If you're in a pinch, just grab a sports one. They're not that attractive but they're functional. A pair of board short style shorts over top is sometimes necessary with these.

Here's some good websites. (this one you have to sift through a little more to find a modest one...)

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