Thursday, 25 April 2013

my life in pictures

I have not blogged in a while. Blog is a funny word, especially when used as a verb. It's makes me think of vomiting out words. "Oh sorry, I didn't mean that, I just blogged!"

Anyways. You may be wondering what I have been up to lately. Chances are slim, as you are probably to busy thinking about your own life or lack there of to care about mine or my lack there of. Still, I'm going to write about my life now so if you're not interested, may I recommend or watching some good old Toboscus on youtube.

I have been the woman of many occupations lately. I have been la deli clerk extraordinaire. The other night I looked on as an obviously newly dating couple bonded over their favourite types of lunch meat.
"Excuse me while I go vomit."

I have also been the man of the house. I did some serious stacking of wood as well as some awesome painting. I wore this outfit.

I've also been Picasso and painted pretty paintings.

That's a squirrel.

I have also been Auntie. 

And a darn good one, giving miss Kaleigh a mani/pedi.

I have also made pretty. It does happen occasionally.

I've also taught lots of piano lessons and they've been really fun! Basically, most of my students didn't play the piano this week. We talked about different kinds of keyboards and watched videos of a celesta, a fortepiano, and a guy playing Mozart on water glasses. We also played with water glasses ourselves. I think I may lose some students, as playing water glasses is apparently way more fun than playing the piano.

I have been at church a lot, as usual. Playing the keys and talking to kids and such.
So basically, I've been little miss housewife, except not a wife, so I guess I'm a house-daughter... house child. Ok now I'm thinking about 

and it's weird, I don't even watch that show.

I just made pizza casserole. It smells awesome. There is a picture on my camera, but i'm lazy and honestly no one cares what pizza casserole looks like. The name kind of speaks for itself. It's awesome.
Tomorrow I'm going shopping.
Saturday I am going to make brownies and go to my dear dear dear friend's wedding shower.