Thursday, 31 January 2013

my future career options

Lately I have been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed as I try to make decisions about the future. I have been researching many schools, programs, and opportunities and am still completely unsure. All I'm sure of is, I'm COMPLETELY unsure. Not even mildly slanting in one direction or the other.

I have, for the sake of my sanity, compiled a list of potential future careers/life paths.

1. A sailor.
I would prefer this option if I had been born a boy and a couple of centuries ago. I'm not being sexist, I'm being practical. Think for a minute, being the only woman on a ship full of men at sea for months at a time... no. Just, no. But how awesome would it be to leave everything behind you and just live on the sea? Adventures, treasure, sword fighting, exotic places... hmmm I can't decide whether or not I'd rather be in the British navy, or be a pirate. I think the navy. I might want the structure, and civility...

2. Batwoman.
Not Catwoman, Batwoman. Cats cannot fly and are heathens. Plus, I don't do spandex. Plus, Batman doesn't have to use his womanly whiles to seduce or deceive anyone. He just beats them up. I want to be Batwoman, and beat up bad guys. Also drive a tank.

3. A Jedi Knight. Knightess?
The reasons are obvious. Cool powers. Drive space ships. Save the world. Light sabers. Done.

4. A Travelling Trobairitz ( Wikipedia says that's a female troubadour)
Ok, so this one seems the most doable and therefore I find it very exciting. Here's the plan. Learn to play some sort of portable instrument/find a way to strap my 88 key Yamaha to my body, buy a motor home of some sort (don't care as long as it has water hook up), travel across North America singing songs and camping. Who wants to do this with me? Any takers? If you're a man you have to marry me first, just so you know...

5. Marry someone rich.
If I marry someone super rich I could pretty much do any of these other things just for fun. He could buy me a yacht for sailing, I'm sure he could find me a batmobile or have one made, the Jedi thing might be a little hard but I could be content with a hovercraft, and we could have a fancy RV and he could indulge me by occasionally letting me stand on the street corner and singing. If I married a rich man we would have 8 children and send them all to Oxford. It would be wonderful.

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  1. I WILL TAKE YOU UP ON THE TRAVELLING TROBAIRITZ! I'll starting looking for a motor home asap.